I was inspired to write this book in late 2017 (now updated and hyperlinked in full, on this website in mid-2019) every moment thinking about Humza, Yaseen and Musa, my three boys who at this tender age remain unaware about the irrational yet toxic Islamophobia commonplace today as well as tens of millions of other children, Muslims and non-Muslims alike who unfortunately are. This is me teaching my children the “pen is mightier than the sword” so that you and your generation of Muslims will bring irrational Islamophobia to an absolute minimum, if my generation fails.

The entire book and the 200+ Q&As is now free for all, enabling anyone to use its contents, cover-to-cover.

I would also like to dedicate this effort to our Jewish cousins that remained committed to their identity by wearing the kippa when outdoors despite the inherent risks of being singled out in unprovoked attacks, Sikhs that wear the turban as well as Hindus, Arab Christians, Caribbean and black Africans who are sometimes wrongly targeted during anti-Muslim attacks.

Last but not least, with envy and admiration in equal portion, Muslim women the world over who face double bind discrimination while seeking employment and yet have not given up wearing the hijab (arguably the strongest symbol of resistance) despite being particularly vulnerable to verbal taunts, bullying and enduring all kinds of unconscionable abuse daily including physical attacks.