We unfortunately live in a world today that is paralysed with misinformation. No amount of public relations can change this culture of misinformation against Islam and ordinary Muslims, unless Muslims themselves take matters into their own hands.

Therefore, it will take more than a book (or website) to change the discourse on irrational Islamophobia.

Nonetheless for starters, if a single word, sentence, paragraph, page or chapter could directly or indirectly help spark a much-needed introspective debate over the wholesale blaming of Muslims or at a micro-level, can nudge the reader into doing something constructive to counter irrational Islamophobia today and thus, contribute towards reengineering the revival of self-confidence of ordinary Muslim youth and teenagers tomorrow, this book will be a thorough success.

In fact, I once came across a relatable Arab principle called “Fard Kefayah” which can broadly be defined as: “If some basic human need isn’t being fulfilled, it is upon every single individual to drop what they are doing to fulfill that obligation”. This very idea forms the entire epigraph of this book. YOU, stepping up to defuse: the negative, politicised and stereotypical discourse, surrounding Muslims today.

Only when we ordinary Muslims are adequately well-versed and well-informed will the constitutionally protected hate mongering bigots and individuals, groups and certain royals who have hijacked Islam be viewed as needlessly offensive and in due course, be permanently left to the fringes of society.

While there are over one hundred sizeable charity foundations among Muslim-owned businesses, multi-millionaires if not billionaires focusing on poverty, women empowerment, religion and education among many other worthwhile causes but one is hard pressed to find a single charity in the Middle East today that: “focuses on addressing the root cause of why the Muslim youth are as demoralised by their unrepresentative governments”, (Source: Muslim Millennial attitudes on religion and religious leadership, Tabah Foundation & Zogby Research Services, 2016) as they are. Not one single charity to help lift Muslim youth from the lack of self-confidence in themselves and their faith.

In essence, there are Muslim billionaires with yachts, art collection, fast cars, mansions and sizeable shareholdings in NYSE and LSE-listed benchmark stocks but not a single individual, group or NGO dedicated to combatting the growing Muslim witch-hunt, otherwise known as irrational Islamophobia and biased mainstream press coverage targeting Islam and as a result, ordinary Muslims.

With the support of ordinary Muslims worldwide, we hope to change this.